Landscaping Services

Evergreen Landscape Inc is a company that carries over 15 years of experience taking care of our customer’s landscaping services and maintenance. We are a team of professionals that will acquire for you the best results and life prolonging maintenance to your yard, landscape features and more! Let us into your project and get the most of our experience today.

Yard Mowing

Is your yard in need of a sharp cut? Evergreen Landscape Inc is a well established business that can assist you with yard mowing services in your residential or commercial property. We are a team that is equipped and dexterous to understand the needs of your yard, so we provide excellent and down to the detail maintenance along with a clean and sharp mowing technique.


Patio Design

Boulders, concrete or gravel are only a few of the many ideas we can get you to design your dream patio. We are knowledgeable and trained to handle the different materials and features that can add character and value to your patio design, so be assured that our work is the best around the local area besides also being the affordable solution for your elegant designs.

Side and Retaining Walls

Compacting soil is one of the most crucial tasks you need to do, so the ground your foundations are built on are completely sturdy and strong. Our team at Evergreen Landscape Inc is a warrant to achieve the strongest of sidewalls and retaining walls for your residential or commercial property. We are aware of the many types of wall that your ground or property might be in need of.


Driveways and Pavers

Impress your guests or potential buyers with a neat and unique driveway or paver. Our team at Evergreen Landscape Inc is capable of handling concrete, asphalt, tile and other materials to ensure you the best of our quality services when in need of a driveways for your private property or a paver for your landscape. Call us in today for a free estimate and get the best of our team!

Brick Work

If you are looking to install a brand new grill in your outdoor living, we might be the right team to take care of it! Evergreen Landscape Inc is a well established business that will guarantee you safe and resistant finishes in all the brick working services you require for your residential or commercial property. For years we’ve been providing upmost results in traditional brick projects.


Fencing Services

Evergreen Landscape Inc is here to offer its services regarding the installation and maintenance for your fence. Whether you would like us to install a wood, pvc, vinyl or metal fence we are your ideal team to call. For years we have been providing the residential community of Delavan, Wisconsin with resistant and impeccable fencing services, so call our team today for your free estimate!

Deck Installation

Do you know what can bring up the life of your outdoor living? We know it—a deck! Decks can provide the gathering spot you seek with impeccable wood work from our part. For years we have been installing decks of wood, pvc and metal finishes; so we can guarantee you only quality results when you choose to work with our team of experts. Contact our team and get your estimate on the go!



Having trouble igniting your logs? Evergreen Landscape Inc is a well-established business that will go the extra mile to accomplish your requirements and needs. We are here to offer you our services as your professional firewood provider. Firewood’s most important property is to ignite fire safely and on time, we enhance the logs for it to be healthy to burn and last for a while.

Snow Removal

For the season we are a team that can assist you with all the snow removal services you require. We are equipped with snow removers, tolls and sanders to remove all snow from your driveways, pavers, sidewalks, lawn and more! Salting is not a problem to us either, so we provide a full on snow removal service to make it safe for you to pass those surfaces.


Superb retaining walls only with Evergreen Landscape Inc!

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